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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 1, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a driver is cruising down the road until. >> listen for the sound. >> why you will never guess what gassed him in the back seat. >> oh no. try to relax as much as you can. >> a test engineer is about to meet the g force. >> this is the first time that he will feel it. >> the moment that it really kicks in. it's not everyday that you see a dog. >> playing jump rope with the kids. the secrete behind a local legend. plus the chance to win a new ipad mini and then buzz seats sit down. >> it's delicious.
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what kills their appetite real quick. the first one comes from us and the highway of california. where is the danger lerking. people are crazy in california. >> take it easy over here. take it easy. >> there's danger lerking and it's in the car and going to make it very unbarable. listen for the sound. >> was that a tire and deflated air bag. >> or just finished a mexican lunch. >> what happened is listen up. >> oh no. >> a container of beer stray and someone shifted it back and think of this like pepper spray for a huge bear. imagine the burning that these guys are feeling it. >> pulls over to the left hand
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side and they realize it's a great place to breathe. >> everybody lucky in this situation. >> we have another one for you and coming from tie wine over the weekend. there are all kinds of in credible footage and check out this dash cam. start out following and then the interaction and the small is already on the side and that's the exact same thing. >> all the way over and this tour bus was busy. if you're sit nothing the car and it's like oh my gosh. i am in trouble.
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you see people out there on bikes. this one here is a construction crane and swinging out of control. >> it's been pretty in tense. as you can see here a car is getting toed. why would they position bli be toeing the car? >> terrible parking. he did not know where it was. he thought that it was under the rear car and that guy was able to get closest and what is
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interesting is that he is under the car. you don't see that and the pass er by with the cell phone is the one that actually rescued the cat. >> this one and circumstance land washington and one of the guys that we interviewed and now own their own show. she said that this is very friendly and does not think that this guy has a problem. they're known for the behavior. the guy thinks the cat is. oh man, you're about the cutest cat in the world. >> i want to see the cat. you can see the purr which is adorable. >> i am just a cat stuck up in a
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tree. >> he gets closer and closer and closer and finally you get a look at him. >> you're probably one of the kult er cats that i have helped in a while. >> a lot of people are wond oerg what it's like to be in a cockpit. >> this guy is going figure out. he is a test engineer and this is the first time he is going feel this. >> squeeze this. keep it squeezed. if you let go for any reason, this will stop. do you understand? >> yes, i understand. >> this is a simulation and she going feel up to 90. >> he looks nervous.
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you can tell that he is a little unsure. >> and you can see it on the top left hand corner of the scene and you can feel the place and it does not kneel like it's 1,600 pounds of weight on you and in your neck. >> with the butt and the legs. >> wow. we do that for a few seconds and then it's like he cannot breathe and he has to force it out.
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>> as soon as his face, that's the problem. even one of us -- >> all right. good job. >> we're giving you a chance to win an in pad mini. >> you need thursday's buzz word and 18 years of age and a legal residence. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a bit. >> hang in there for the ipad mini give away. i have a pair of unconditional videos. the one is a big group of people gathered around and they're there for the celebration and you can see and look at these guys on the other side throwing something into the water and trying to help a couple of guys that are stuck in the current. those are the ones off the guys head. now that is a huge deal.
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it's sbrens the religious protocol. they have done that to help the guys out of the river. there's the dwreen one and then a bunch of other guys and pulling two men to safety. five men's lives are being saved. >> oh my gosh. that's huge and really brave and awesome. >> it's like flr super hero. a guy was headed out in the river there. do you notice that in the war. . it's a woman in distress. one of the dogs jumped into water and now she needs up. david notices it and travels over and then there's a small water fall right there and a rocky league. he misses on the first attempt and then reaches it out and grabs the battle before the
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closed captioning provided by. ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ one of the favorite contribute ers has been battling cancer for a better part of a year. last year he was diagnosed with cancer and had one testicular
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removed. this was pete's video in august that he revealed that he would endure more treatment. well, i have an update. pete and the latest video, and i am going let him tell us about what is going on now. >> i know it's not -- it does not beat right now and i don't really know if it could be. i did my blood work today. it's good news. >> tears of joy. tears of joy. >> you had me worried there. >> my levels are below one. that's a good thing. one of the big things is the levels and they were going sky high. they were rocketing up. they were 11. they're supposed to be under two and now below one. that's normal range and that's good. >> this is great news for all of us who love and want him to do
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el well. kudos for sharing that. >> yeah, he loves doing that. it's basically part of the therapy. pete's a strong beauty and physically fit. these prove why we call a dog a man's best friend. >> we start with riffle. he only have two working legs and those in front. that does not stop him. do you see that? the owner is messing with the woman and pretends to bite him in the arm for messing with the woman. >> that's cute. >> yeah, he is really cute.
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here is a picture of riffle with the ordinary reason. he wants to get the story out there that the disabled need love to. in this i was stance, it's russia. these fisherman say that the dog followed him for a distance and lays down on the ground. they can not really move and dry past the dogs and so super and stop and look at it. >> so they have a collar and belong to somebody but not the two fisherman. >> it's his property and he has paid on it and back off. >> i absolutely love this one one. look at the kid playing jump rope. >> while the dog does not have an owner, but people feed the
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town. this going is a legend. plus don't drop the ball and enter for a chance to win an mini. the thursday buzz word is coming you up next.
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this first video is is set to launch and what do you think that it's setting up on top of. >> where is the wheel? >> probably none of their cars but probably the girlfriend's car or the mom's car. >> it's brilliant. it goes up in the air and they're like where's the wheel. it's beautiful position for the landing. now the next one is a dash cam from russia and the guys behind is trapped. what do you think is going to happ happen? >> the guy is going to help. he is not going any of that. he is goz to drive down because in russia you don't need any roads. >> oh my gosh. [ laughter ] >> it's a really well done video. >> that's funny. >> i love that.
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and it's pretty brilliant. >> very creative. >> i was not aware of this but den mrk has a very low birth rate. they're trying campaign adds to get people to do it for denmark. >> yeah, they were paying people vacation trips and there's a correlation and they were trying to spontaneous support people to get ready. remember that add. it worked but not enough. >> now this time they're asking instead of doing it for denmark, do it for mom. >> wow. >> a stunning vacation is known
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to most sexual activity. add in a little bit of exercise on the sunny vacation and that helps to release the endorphins and get things going. [ laughter ] >> you wow that's pretty funny. >> yeah, it's funny. the funny add and trying to increase the conception so the new add is asking moms if you want to be involved, buy your kids a mvacation and send them away. in nine months you can invest as many as you want in the family future. i love the gift basket. >> wow. >> brilliant. part funny and it's going viral. >> there's nothing put out by
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speed and travel. go to denmark. time to give away the ipad mini. being 18 years of age or older and head over to right this minute doiblth. >> are enter the buzz word and you can enter on each everyday. >> so let's reveal the buzz word. it's kitchen. >> get over to right this minute on the a cpod and enter the wor. >> we will be giving away another flat screen tv. good luck everyone. see why these pork lov
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[beep] searching for help with dachshund breeding. no! let me try. sara's bright, but when she's reading, she has trouble sounding out words.
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jokes on you. ♪ >> i like to score the food that i eat on a scale of one to bacon. let's be honest that bacon is the greatest food in the world. >> the buzz feed decided to bring them in for a taste taste. >> if you're messing with me, i am going to be really upset. >> yeah, they got a whole bunch of people and proclaimed the love. >> yeah, explain it. >> yeah, i could live with it. >> of course i am excite today have the bacon. it's in the morning and on a tuesday. >> they should be suspicious.
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>> what's the reaction when they reali realize. >> oh my goodness. >> come on. >> why would you this. >> it's delicious crispy bacon. >> i was thinking the same thing and even those at t this test start to crack. >> my belief is that it's a one cute little thing in my arm and it's kind of. >> yeah. >> i am just glad that chocolate
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does not come from a cute animal. >> yeah, if you want to see the video stick it up. thanks for watching. now go and tell all of your friends thanks for watching too. we will see you next time on "right this minute."
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